Hundreds of Manufacturers - Thousands of Parts
Decades of Confusion
How can I get the right part when nobody knows what it is?
The Skubot 3D Product Identification System finds the needle in the haystack.


Skubot™ is a Revolutionary Scanning and Product Identification Solution


Many industries have large inventories of items that have no discernable identification marks such as part numbers or bar codes on the physical items. Typically only specialty houses with long tenured product experts have had the ability to identify these items.


Skubot™ gives sales associates the ability to identify complete product lines without any prior experience. In essence Skubot makes all your sales associates product knowledge experts, saving precious time and money, increasing sales and boosting your bottom line.

Most customers are in awe of the SkuBot. We as a counter are really enjoying the machine and website making it very easy to conduct business and find those mysterious cartridges that are brought in to us. Thank you for this great machine.

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